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Beginnings & Endings


Life doesn't have one beginning at our birth and an ending, our death.  Instead, life is full of many beginnings and endings.  The transition that occurs before and after these can be revelatory and tumultuous.  Working with and through these periods of time can be essential to moving forward with grace, understanding and ease.  Creative exploration can assist in divining a path through these moments of life.  Some of these pivotol moments include death of a loved one, birth, post-partum, a child graduating (empty nest syndrome), an ending of a relationship or any life change that signifies an end to one of being and a beginning of a new way.



Personal Growth &
Manifesting Dreams


Life provides us with many opportunities to change and to grow.  Creative expression gives us permission to dare to dream, to cultivate ideas and develop new paths and possibilites to follow.  Art therapy is an excellent tool to delve into our unconscious and surface the abundance that is often lurking right beneath the surface.  Clarifying what we want and don't want in life is a enourmous step in clearing a path toward manifesting our dreams.

Trauma, Grief & Life's Hard Knocks


Unfortunately, life presents moments that can literally and figuratively, knock us off our feet.  When life hits hard or deals what appears to be a bad hand, it is imperative to understand how this happened, what physical, mental, emotional and spiritual symptoms contributed and/or resulted from any moment of trauma.  Art therapy allows a safe container to explore tough emotions and subject matter, while working toward acceptance, forgiveness and transformation.




The therapuetic relationship is like any other relationship that you develop in life.  It is important to discover the right fit for your needs, goals and dreams.  The information provided on this website allows a glimpse into my therapuetic foundation and philosophy.  Please feel free to contact me to discuss if this may or may not be the right fit for your therapuetic journey.  


Services in a Nutshell:

Adult Therapy

Child & Adolescent Therapy

Couples Therapy


Areas of Specialization:

Women's Issues


Grief & Loss


Personal Development

Rituals & Rites of Passage


"Our images reveal that we are holographic creatures, living mulitple stories.  We often get stuck in one view of self and lose the richness of our multiplicity.  With this we also lose flexibility, spontaneity, and creativity.  We manifest our inner conflicts as blockages in our outward life."-- Pat Allen

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